African National Women’s Organization (ANWO)
Leaders in the African Revolution, Shapers of our New Society


To bring African women into political life and to empower them economically, socially and politically.  To forward the interests of African people internationally through our programs aimed particularly at the advancement of African women.  To liberate African women and men from the customs and practices that serve to keep us subjugated.


To see African women embrace their place as leaders in the struggle to end colonial oppression of African people worldwide.

Core Philosophy: 

We believe that a fundamental test of the progressive or revolutionary character of any organization, party, movement, or society is its commitment, confirmed in practice, to the destruction of the special oppression of women and the elevation of women to the rightful place as equal partners and leaders in the forward motion of the development of human society and as leaders, makers, and shapers of human history.

Principles of Unity:

  1. All African people, no matter where we are located, are one people.
  2. An end to the political and social oppression and economic exploitation of African women.
  3. Advocate for the absolute, unequivocal, political, social and economic equality of African women and men.
  4. All who participate in ANWOs work do so under ANWOs leadership body, in order to meet its organizational goals and objectives.

A revolution within a revolution