The #BlackGirlsWrapWednesday is a movement started by the African National Women’s Organization when our young organizers at Gibbs High School were told that they could not wear their African headwraps to school. 17-year-old Jelani Masozi  was told that her headwrap was a violation of school dress code and  was forced her to take it off in the presence of the school police.

Following this unnecessary show of power, African/black students at Gibbs High School felt compelled to organize to change the school dress code.

Led by Liu Montsho Kwayera, 17 student at Gibbs High School and Akile Anai, former student, we have expanded the campaign to go beyond Gibbs High School to other High Schools in Pinellas County.

This campaign has the following demands:

  1. Removal of Police from school campuses
  2. Change the Dress Code Policy, county-wide, to remove the contingent that headwraps require administrator approval to be worn.  The way the policy is written now is completely subjective and at any time it can be restricted based on who is in charge.
  3. Black Community Control of Schools where the community is represented on the board and has decision making powers in regards to policy that could affect their children in schools.
  4. Allow the creation of a chapter of ANWO on school campus to protect the rights of African students.

Since the launch of this movement we have received international attention and support from around the world.

We appreciate you!

We continue to call on all students/parents/community members to  support these girls and other African students who have been targeted within the school system. Join them by wearing your  headwrap and/or dashiki on Wednesdays in solidarity. Participate in our calls to action.


Donate to the campaign. Resources are urgently needed. Image result for donate buttonOn social media share photos of you in a headwrap or dashiki with the hashtag #blackgirlswrapwednesday


October 19, 2016 (we missed a week but we’ll continue to update)

October 5, 2016


September 28, 2016



September 21, 2016

Posts from today- social media

President Yejide says the campaign continues

Tira gives testimonial of her #blackgirlswednesday experience.

September 16, 2016



September 15, 2016




September 14, 2016
3rd #BlackGirlsWrapWednesday
National Call-to-Action – Click image to grab the message and email addresses


September 13, 2016




September 12, 2016
.Mic features the story and it goes viral – over 1m views








September 7, 2016

Liu Montsho Kwayera testifies in front of school board members and Coqeb about her experience with school administrators.

August 31, 2016

UPDATE: #blackgirlswrapwednesday
Today is the first day of the protest, where about 30-40 girls participated on campus.
The principal tried to force the girls to call their parents as a way of getting them to stop wearing the headwraps.
ANWO & InPDUM reps went to the school for a conference with the Principal, after which he called the Uhuru Movement to say that he will no longer force the young women to get parental permission to wear an African headwrap.
This is a huge development as we see the school is backing down when we organize. More updates to come but look at all the beautiful African people repping from different places around the world.

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August 30, 2016