Black Women in Black (BWIB) is a subcommittee of African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) that is comprised primarily of mothers of victims of colonial violence, who came together to expose the U.S. government's acts of genocide against African(black) people in this country.

Why do we charge Genocide?

According to the United Nations definition, "genocide is a denial of the right of existence for an entire group".
The U.S. government or the colonizer government, is responsible for mass murders, mass and discriminatory imprisonment, and oppressive conditions in nearly every aspect of life, including education, family life, reproduction, employment, healthcare and freedom of political assembly for African people in the U.S.

Therefore we feel confident in our charge of genocide and seek to challenge and expose the U.S. for its part in the daily executions of our children.

BWIB is different because it is led by African (black) mothers who understand that justice for our children means we must fight for freedom.

Our objective is to build a legion of mother organizers that will unify around incidences of colonial violence. Where possible BWIB members will be the first responders; helping families to identify enemies of our people but also educating and empowering our families with strategies to resist.Save