Britain’s Austerity Crisis, Deepens Poverty for African Women

Written by Kushinda Olanrewaju Editor’s Note: Our use of “African” is inclusive of all black people regardless of where we were born. It is important for us to note this for UK readers as there is continued efforts to further segregate African people by using terms like “Black Caribbean,” “Black African,” “Black British” and “Black […]

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Eradicating female genital mutilation means destroying capitalist colonialism

According to the World Heath Organization, there is an estimated 125 million girls and women throughout the world who have been subjected to a practice called female genital mutilation (FGM), a majority of whom lives in Africa and the Middle East. FGM is the removing or altering of the external genitalia of girls and young […]

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D.C. Black and Missing Town hall Draws Large Black Crowd
author, Yejide Orunmila - Caption: Locked out, the people wait to be let in to the Town Hall

I began hearing about the missing Black and Latinx girls at the beginning of March. My daughter, who was out of state at school, called me to express her concern about the missing girls from D.C. and Prince George’s County in Maryland. She was especially touched because one of them went to her old high […]

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