The Making of an ANWO Comrade

by Asia Abram Editor’s note: Comrade Asia decided to write this after attending  the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement’s convention, her first convention. She is based in Las Vegas Nevada and currently engaged in building a local branch of ANWO as well as organizing for our first international convention in March 2018.  As a new […]

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Pimps and Hoes: The Parasitic Divide
Photo Credit: Stefan Nadelman

Photo credit: Stefan Nadelman Do a google image search for “pimp” and your results will turn up hundreds of pictures of black men, two pictures of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, and a few of white men dressed in the pimp costume synonymous with what black men wore in 1970’s blaxploitation films. The pimp, in capitalist society, […]

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Britain’s Austerity Crisis, Deepens Poverty for African Women

Written by Kushinda Olanrewaju Editor’s Note: Our use of “African” is inclusive of all black people regardless of where we were born. It is important for us to note this for UK readers as there is continued efforts to further segregate African people by using terms like “Black Caribbean,” “Black African,” “Black British” and “Black […]

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