Pimps and Hoes: The Parasitic Divide
Photo Credit: Stefan Nadelman

Photo credit: Stefan Nadelman Do a google image search for “pimp” and your results will turn up hundreds of pictures of black men, two pictures of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, and a few of white men dressed in the pimp costume synonymous with what black men wore in 1970’s blaxploitation films. The pimp, in capitalist society, […]

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D.C. Black and Missing Town hall Draws Large Black Crowd
author, Yejide Orunmila - Caption: Locked out, the people wait to be let in to the Town Hall

I began hearing about the missing Black and Latinx girls at the beginning of March. My daughter, who was out of state at school, called me to express her concern about the missing girls from D.C. and Prince George’s County in Maryland. She was especially touched because one of them went to her old high […]

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An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Jenkins, President of West Virginia State University: Kill the “Epic Love Story”

Editors Note:  This letter was sent to West Virginia State University President Dr. Anthony Jenkins on August 25, 2016.  He responded by setting a meeting with the author. In the meeting, he explained that as the new President he wasn’t aware of the story and agreed that it should not represent the school.  He laid […]

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Korryn Gaines Fearless African Warrior

Let’s first get this out of the way, Korryn Gaines was a fearless, powerful, warrior who died resisting colonial oppression. Korryn, a 23-year-old African mother of two children, was murdered on Monday August 1, 2016, by Baltimore County S.W.A.T team executing a warrant for unpaid traffic citations.  She was inside her home with her 5-year-old […]

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