To become a member of ANWO you will need to:

  1. Be an African woman
  2. Unite with the Principles of Unity
  3. Complete a membership application
  4. Pay membership dues

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Membership Levels

Queen Nzinga: $1000.00/per year ($84.00 per month) lifetime membership and member will receive a t-shirt, appreciation plaque, and free attendance to ANWO conventions.

Harriet Tubman: $600.00/per year ($50.00 per month) member receives appreciation plaque and t shirt

Ella Baker: $300.00/per year ($25.00 per month)  member receives appreciation plaque and t-shirt

Assata Shakur: $120.00/per year ($10.00 per month) member receives certificate and t-shirt

General: $60.00/per year ($5.00 per month)

Student/Unemployed: $25.00/per year (2.10 per month)