Members are central to the work of ANWO. By collectivizing our resources through payment of dues, we are able to remain an independent and self-reliant organization.

"Represent the local, national and international concerns of African women."


1. To build power for African women. 2. Lead on the question of freedom for African women worldwide. 3. Represent the local, national and international concerns of African women. 4. Lead, empower and advocate for African women. 5. Be part of the global transformation of African women. 6. Give African women the opportunity to realise their potential. 7. Build and share knowledge, skills and expertise. 8. Give African women political leverage. 9. Increase African women’s ability to reach and serve their community. 10. Harness the collective power of African women. 11. Collectivise our issues and remove feelings of isolation.

Our economic development work is centered in our DeColonaise project. Although this is our primary economic project, we welcome members who are open to help out where needed in this department,;such as focusing on a individual donor program and other fundraising strategies.  New and existing members participate on committees aimed at building the brand, DeColonaise and ensure we are able to fund our work.


ANWO is actively building branches throughout the world.  If you know two other women in your area, organize them to start a branch.  Branches take on local or national issues concerning African women (ie. gentrification, FGM, mass incarceration, domestic violence).  By becoming a member you will be working with African women across the world who have the same vision of freedom for African women and African people overall. 


"National" is used to represent the international community of African people, since African people are a nation of people. In that vein, we organize national committees that contribute to our outreach, membership, communications and political education efforts.  If you find that you are the only member in an area, we will find a place for you on one of our national committees. dkhklskshlsflsflslksl;hjhjhjhhjhhhjhjhjhkhjhkjhk


We outreach in many different ways. Actions, protests, community meetings, social media, selling the burning spear, tabling and flyering.  We generally conduct outreach on a weekly basis to network with African women who have an interest in pushing back aggression aimed mostly at poor working class African communities. Through our efforts, we win African women from different sectors of our population.


ANWO is an international organization with branches and members around the world. We are in Sweden, London, South Africa, United States and Canada.