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To: Pinellas County School Board and Michael Grego, Superintendent
Cc: Dr. Ric Davis Concerned Organization for Quality Education of Black Students (Coqebs)

My name is ________ and I’m contacting you from ____________. I was made aware of your discriminatory dress code policy which penalizes black students who wear African headwraps – a culturally affirming practice.The fact that you would try to enforce this subjective policy at a predominately Black school only adds to the suggestion that this is a form of ethnic cleansing.

The reference to head scarves in your dress code policy specifically targets the cultural and religious practices of non-white people, many of whom are students in your schools. There are serious implications for maintaining such a policy and I encourage you to follow the examples of other school districts across the country and change this as soon as possible.

I have also been made aware that Principal Hepburn at Gibbs High School, has been calling parents in an attempt to scare them into not letting their children wear the headwraps. I demand that you instruct him to stop this at once. Hepburn is using his capacity as “agent of the school board” to attack the free speech and cultural expression of Black students.

I would like the board to put this issue on the October 25th meeting agenda and for you to extend an invitation to the student organizers, who have been protesting against this policy, and ask them speak on the agenda.

I hope you can see the urgency and respond accordingly.