Pimps and Hoes: The Parasitic Divide
Photo Credit: Stefan Nadelman

Photo credit: Stefan Nadelman Do a google image search for “pimp” and your results will turn up hundreds of pictures of black men, two pictures of Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, and a few of white men dressed in the pimp costume synonymous with what black men wore in 1970’s blaxploitation films. The pimp, in capitalist society, […]

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Madonna Steals Two More African Children from Malawi

By Rita Akoth Ombaka Last week, various news and social media sites were circulating and exalting the story of Madonna’s theft of two (more) children from Malawi. The outlets talked about the controversy around the length of adoption, the waiving of a residency requirement by the court–which state that children in Malawi cannot be adopted […]

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ANWO DC Holds Solidarity Protest Supporting Kushinda

ANWO DC members Yejide Orunmila and Antoinette Taylor and African People’s Socialist Party member Aaron O’Neal held a solidarity protest  in support of Kushinda Olanrewaju who has been protesting targeted attacks by  London Borough of Brent. Local members in D.C. held up signs outside of the British Embassy that read #DefendAfricanWomen , Stop Britain’s Attack […]

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