10 Jul 2021

2021 Black Women’s Convention


The African National Women’s Organization calls on Black women, and our supporters to attend the 2021 Black Women’s Convention July 10-11, 2021 which will be held online. This will be a gathering of working-class Black women who believe that capitalist colonialism must be destroyed in order for African women to be free. We believe that through building an organization that is dedicated to raising deep struggle against the devastating impact that colonialism has on the lives of African women around the world, that we will consolidate and fortify our efforts to defeat capitalism, despite our borders or our condition.

This year’s theme, One Voice! Many Fist! is a recognition of the many struggles waged by African women and the attempt to collectivize and define our voice through the theory of African Internationalism, not feminism. This convention will show how African Internationalism is the only liberatory philosophy that can practically liberate African women from the confines of capitalist colonialism and how we can use it to free our whole people. Hear from African revolutionaries on the ground in Africa, the U.S, and Europe who will provide definitive examples of the practical and theoretical work necessary to engage and cast off of the shackles of white power.

ANWO’s Black Women’s Convention is an inter-generational socialist event that sharpens black women’s awareness and deepens our dedication to our freedom. We look forward to building with new comrades.

We call on you to stand up, roll up your sleeve and take up your responsibility as a maker and shaper of a new society for African people! Up you mighty African Warrior Woman!

You won’t want to miss this life-changing event!



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