11 Jul 2020

ANWOs Black Women’s Convention


The Black Women’s Convention rescheduled to July 11-12, 2020,  is a gathering of  Black women who believe that a better world is possible. Discussions and workshops that will challenge and excite. Bring together women from across the African diaspora. Black women professionals, artists, activists, with one agenda, to create a new society where the leadership of black women is integral to its success.

Our theme, Sisters United for the Revolution, envisions a near future where black women, from all over the world, connect with and support each other in our efforts to shape a new world. There are so many barriers that limit how black women create change and we plan to break down those barriers making way for a new revolutionary black woman to emerge.

This will be an inter-generational socialist event that will sharpen black women’s awareness and deepen our concepts of freedom with strategies to get there.  We look forward to building new sisterhoods. We are inclusive of ALL black women regardless of income level…

This is a space for young women, mothers, aunties, sisters, cousins, grandmothers including those who are gender non-conforming.

You won’t want to miss this event!



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