18 Jul 2019

ArrestCPS: What’s Really Going On


This is 911. Mothers from Philly & Baltimore are speaking out!

A battle is raging between African families and the “System” but it is not new, its been happening for decades. Children are being forcefully and wrongfully removed from their homes by Child Protective Services.

With the support of the African Women’s Organization ARRESTCPS campaign, these mothers are are united and organizing and with one voice, they are saying “stop kidnapping our black children!”.

ANWO unites with them as colonialism seeks to continue dominating the narrative in our communities. Through these webinar events, ANWO is exposing the parasitic nature of “What’s Really Going On”. We are taking stand. ARREST CPS means we want community control of our children’s welfare and we must stop CPS involvement on the lives of black families.

Join us for this epic discussion!



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