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Dessie Woods was an African woman who killed her would-be white rapist with his own gun and went to trial for defending herself and her friend in September of 1975, in backwater, redneck, Hawkinsville, Georgia.

African Internationalism taught us that the attempted rape was colonial terror and violence. This was the struggle of colonized people against colonialism and parasitic capitalism.

Under the slogan, “Free Dessie Woods, Smash Colonial Violence” the African People’s Socialist Party was able to wage a successful international campaign to free her.

Dessie had a right to fight back against colonial violence and terror. Not only did she have a right to fight back, but she had a right to kill her armed attacker.

To become a member of ANWO you will need to:

  • Be an African woman
  • Unite with the Principles of Unity
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Membership Levels

Dessie Woods: $1000.00/once ($84.00 per month) lifetime membership and member will receive a t-shirt, appreciation plaque, and free attendance to ANWO conventions.

Harriet Tubman: $600.00/per year ($50.00 per month)

Ella Baker: $300.00/per year ($25.00 per month)

Assata Shakur: $120.00/per year ($10.00 per month)

Muthoni Kirima: $60.00/per year ($5.00 per month)

Josina Machel (Student/Unemployed): $25.00/per year (2.10 per month)