Two black women with naturally locked hair with fists raised. One is holding a certificate.
April 16, 2023 ANWO

Congratulations to the 2023 Awardees

Every year, at our convention, we celebrate the leadership of our members and our

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president Yejide, a black woman, with a low natural hair cut, wearing a orange tee shirt, black cateye glasses with pink accents; passionately speaking during a live broadcast.
February 18, 2023 ANWO

FBI Attacks Because Black is Back

The following article is the transcript from the presentation given by President

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president yejide orunmila speaking to a crowd outdoors at a demonstration
October 20, 2022 ANWO

Political Report to the 2022 ANWO Black Women’s Convention

We cannot avoid the inevitable that we have to become conscious active

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