DeColonaise: A Revolution for your Hair and Body,  is our primary economic development project.

It was create to ensure that we are able to fund our own work, using the ingenuity of African women.

We use 50% of the profit from DeColonaise along with the dues we receive from our members to build and maintain the work of ANWO.  The other 50% of DeColonaise profit, goes back into building the DeColonaise brand. We do not believe in accepting grants from foundations who dictate what we should focus on.  Instead we are funded by the people who believe in ANWO and unite with our political objectives – our members and customers.

Our vision is to have a full line of products that represent the needs of our people.  Our plan is to develop a full range of bath, body and hair products that keeps freedom politics at the center.

DeColonaise, puts the discussion of colonization in the hands of everyone who purchases from us. We sell high quality natural products that will improve the condition of our hair and skin, while providing political education on each package.

Different from all other hair and body brands, that focus on acceptable African beauty, we strive to challenge people’s perception of beauty.