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The African National Women’s Organization is a completely self-funded organization mostly ran by volunteer members.

Your donations help us support African women’s leadership through our Political Action campaigns and help cover administrative material costs associated with actions and events.

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It goes without saying that many organizations are limited in their ability to approach certain issues not because they aren’t passionate about it, but  ONLY because they don’t have enough resources.  ANWO is no different.

Millions of African women are forced to live in hostile conditions around the world due to the effects of colonial exploitation.   ANWO wants to be where the fight is and your consistent donations will help us become the flexible organization that will be on the ground working to organize and defend African women.

Some of the Analysis and Projects you are Supporting

The Lockdown in Cameroon Gone Rogue

Editors Note: The crisis in Cameroon has caused immeasurable contradictions for the people of the country. African women who depended on freedom of mobility, in order to work, have been trapped hiding in the bush as the rates of brutality has escalated among the population; including rape and molestation of African women and girls. While […]

The African Revolution is calling African Women to the ANWO National Plenary 2019

The African National Women’s Organization’s (ANWO) is convening our 2019 National Plenary, which will focus on training our sister comrades in the organizing science of the Uhuru Movement. The Plenary will be held on March 23-24, 2019 in St. Louis, MO at the St. Louis, Uhuru House. ANWO is a revolutionary organization for African women […]

McDonald’s attack: colonial violence against the African working class

We are calling every concerned person, who is against colonial violence, to attend our action on Saturday January 5, 2019 at 3pm in front of the McDonald’s at 4595 34th Street South in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Political Action

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Economic Development

This department looks at our overall budget and create economic opportunities that will help us meet or exceed our needs.

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