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The African National Women’s Organization is a completely self-funded organization mostly ran by volunteer members.

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It goes without saying that many organizations are limited in their ability to approach certain issues not because they aren’t passionate about it, but  ONLY because they don’t have enough resources.  ANWO is no different.

Millions of African women are forced to live in hostile conditions around the world due to the effects of colonial exploitation.   ANWO wants to be where the fight is and your consistent donations will help us become the flexible organization that will be on the ground working to organize and defend African women.

Some of the Analysis and Projects you are Supporting

FBI Attacks Because Black is Back

The following article is the transcript from the presentation given by President Yejide Orunmila during the Black is Back Coalition’s February 18th livestream  African people have been fighting for our freedom since Africa was first attacked by Europe.  This has always pitted our struggle for self-determination against the colonial mode of production. We are talking […]

Political Report to the 2022 ANWO Black Women’s Convention

We cannot avoid the inevitable that we have to become conscious active revolutionaries. We cannot add any value to this system.

#ArrestCPS National Day of Action Hits 9 Cities

Another black child was kidnapped today, was the rallying call that the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) put out on August 17th to organize the first national response to the colonial state-sponsored kidnapping of African children by agencies that work under the guise of child protection.   Earlier that week, a video had gone viral on […]

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Political Action

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Economic Development

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