Why should you become a member?

Membership in the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), is a wonderful and unique opportunity to grow politically, personally and culturally. ANWO membership gives African women the chance to cultivate our strengths while deepening our understanding of the world and the place of African women in it. Our members learn more about themselves while getting to know the rewards that working with others toward a shared goal can bring.

Joining ANWO is about accepting the responsibility that comes with truly transforming the world. Our comrade sisters love African people and work to execute strategies that solve problems and deliver results. Our comrade sisters are dedicated to seeing a future where African women and African people are free and believe that through collective works and collective membership, we can shape that future.  Members are encouraged to continue their political development by working together beyond the initial member orientation process.

African women who join ANWO, do so for the following reasons:
  1. You understand that the conditions for African women will not improve if we aren’t in the struggle helping to overturn those conditions.
  2. You want to organize, empower and advocate for African women.
  3. You want to be part of the global transformation of African women.
  4. You want to build and share knowledge, skills and expertise.
  5. You want to increase African women’s ability to reach and serve our community.
  6. You want to help collectivize our issues and remove feelings of isolation.

Who are our members?

Our members participate in our local branches and national committees, we organize in our local communities and we conduct outreach through our projects and campaigns.


We outreach in many different ways; actions, protests, community meetings, social media, selling the Burning Spear Newspaper, tabling and flyering.  We generally conduct outreach on a weekly basis to organize African women who have an interest challenging the conditions that have been imposed on us. Through our efforts, we win African women from different sectors of our population.


ANWO organizing is structured around building local branches.  Join an existing branch or help create a new one.  Branches take on local or national issues concerning African women (ie. mass incarceration, state violence, economic issues).  By becoming a member you will be working with African women across the world who have the same vision of freedom for African women and African people overall.


Our National work is organized in committees which  contributes to our outreach, membership, information and education, and economic efforts.

Membership F.A.Qs

Do I have to be a socialist to join ANWO?

No. Any African woman can join ANWO if they align with the mission, vision and content on this page.

Why do you have membership dues?

Dues to ANWO is a stance of African self-determination.  It says I, as a member, am committing resources to African women’s leadership, just like we commit resources to our phone bill.  But unlike your phone company, we guarantee that your dollars will be used to empower African working class women.    Dues is the highest commitment you can make to yourself and our struggle for national liberation.  

I can't afford the dues. Can I still Join ANWO?

Let’s Talk.

Our membership levels are ($25 a year to $1000 a year)*  accessible to economies where ANWO was formed (USD, CAN, EUR, CARIBBEAN). 

In Africa and other places where the economies may be drastically disproportionate to the aforementioned economies,  the membership dues will be different.   Complete this membership form and e-mail it to membership@anwouhuru.org to initiate your membership in ANWO.   

All of our members are equally valuable to us. You pick a level based on what you can pay, “from each according to her ability, to each according to her needs.” Your commitment to supporting us is what really matters.


*monthly membership available

What does active membership look like?

Membership is defined as an African woman who pays dues to ANWO.  So just paying dues is the best way to be an “active” member.

Beyond this, ANWO encourages our members to join our campaigns and departments, to get the full benefit of ANWO.

Check out our section on “who are our members” to see the ways you can get involved. These areas are discussed during your new member orientation.

I am not an African woman, how do I pay dues to ANWO?

Only African women can join ANWO and pay dues.  If you are not an African woman, you can support by becoming a sustaining donor.  You can choose to make a one time donation or subscribe to make monthly contributions here.

I am a African Transwoman. Can I join ANWO?

Yes. We get this question often. You can join ANWO if you align with the mission, vision and content on this page.

Find your place in the African National Women's Organization and Join Today