Why should you become a member?

African women who join ANWO, do so for the following reasons:

  1. We understand that the conditions for African women will not improve if we aren’t in the struggle helping to overturn those conditions
  2. We lead on the question of freedom for African women and African people worldwide
  3. We represent the local, national and international concerns of African women
  4. We organize, empower and advocate for African women.
  5. We are part of the global transformation of African women.
  6. We  build and share knowledge, skills and expertise.
  7. We increase African women’s ability to reach and serve our  community.
  8. We collectivize our issues and remove feelings of isolation.

Who are our members?

Our members participate in our local branches and national committees, we organize in our local communities and we conduct outreach through our projects and campaigns.


We outreach in many different ways; actions, protests, community meetings, social media, selling the Burning Spear Newspaper, tabling and flyering.  We generally conduct outreach on a weekly basis to organize African women who have an interest challenging the conditions that have been imposed on us. Through our efforts, we win African women from different sectors of our population.


ANWO organizing is structured around building local branches.  Join an existing branch or help create a new one.  Branches take on local or national issues concerning African women (ie. mass incarceration, state violence, economic issues).  By becoming a member you will be working with African women across the world who have the same vision of freedom for African women and African people overall.


Our National work is organized in committees which  contributes to our outreach, membership, information and education, and economic efforts.

Find your place in the African National Women's Organization and Join Today