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The ability to struggle against oppression is the cornerstone of resistance.  ANWO follows in the footsteps of our foremothers who, when faced with freedom or slavery, chose the hard road of freedom.  As part of the oppressed African nation, African women,  face serious conditions worldwide. The conditions run the gamut from abject poverty to violence; one often feeding the  other. At the root of it all, however, is colonialism – which maintains the system of capitalist exploitation.  Capitalism exists at the expense of African poor working class people.  It provides the very best for people of the oppressor nation at the expense of the African nation.  We carry out our work to sever the tentacles of colonialism, in the lives of African women.


The Political Action Committee is rooted in our campaigns carried out at the branch level. Our political action campaigns organizes our members and poor working class African women to resist colonial- imposed contradictions. The political basis of our campaigns and programs are initially implemented on the ground of the African community. All  activity demonstrated on social media pertaining to our campaigns and programs pose as extensions of the political work being done on the ground. The critical contradictions inflicted on poor and working class African women and forward constructive solutions to overall reach freedom for all African people.  The African National Women’s Organization understand that these state imposed  contradictions on African women is a form of crude violence that is a result of colonialism in which all African people face, all over the world



Choose ‘political action’ as one of your interests when submitting your membership application.   After attending ANWO’s new member orientation, the Political Action Coordinator will contact you to explain how you can help with this work.


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