president Yejide, a black woman, with a low natural hair cut, wearing a orange tee shirt, black cateye glasses with pink accents; passionately speaking during a live broadcast.
18 Feb 2023

FBI Attacks Because Black is Back

The following article is the transcript from the presentation given by President Yejide Orunmila during the Black is Back Coalition’s February 18th livestream 

African people have been fighting for our freedom since Africa was first attacked by Europe.  This has always pitted our struggle for self-determination against the colonial mode of production. We are talking about a mode of production that raped, pillaged, enslaved and colonized people and lands using both ends of the rifle, machetes and any other weapons of mass destruction they could think of.

The colonizer is always developing strategies to infiltrate and destroy our efforts to free ourselves from their grip.  Why?  Because without us they wouldn’t survive.  

During his 2023 State of the Union address, Joseph Biden highlighted how much his administration has accomplished for the people of this country.  He capped it off by saying that the United States is the only country that has faced adversity and come back stronger than it did before. He alluded to the United States being a great beacon of freedom. 

The United States is still the Greatest Purveyor of Violence 

Of course, this is the narrative of the colonizer.   What do the colonized say?  Martin Luther King Jr. said the United  States was the greatest purveyor of violence.   That was in 1967 and they killed him. This was a man who touted non-violence  in the face of violence and the United States killed him. 

In 2023 we started the year with the murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of the colonial police.  It doesn’t matter that the police were black. It matters that they are agents of the colonizer, carrying out colonial law.  Unlike their white counterparts, however,  who can kill and get off; they go directly to jail. 

In my lifetime there has been constant war managed by U.S. imperialism.  I was a child, but remember Oliver North and what the U.S. government called the Iran-Contra Affair.  They called it a “scandal” attempting to minimize the gigantic scope of what occurred. 

The Iran-Contra Affair was a serious network of U.S. agents and government officials that attempted to undermine the Nicaraguan fight for self-determination by developing an opposition (The Contra)  and  supplying them with guns and money in exchange for cocaine that was sold in the United States as a fundraiser in support of the the U.S. campaign against the Sandinistas. 

This influx of cocaine in the U.S. led to the crack epidemic in African communities. This scandal had horrific consequences for millions of people around the world.  It’s like defining Christopher Columbus “discovering” America as a little white lie.  The colonizer trivializes its impact on the people they devastate. 

The Chairman says they are not devils and that we must be dialectical ,but, this is diabolical. Right? 

Colonial Policy has always opposed African Self-Determination 

The United States, the place where they say you can “bring your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore”, was just a call for desperate Europeans who sought  a better life for themselves and did so on the backs of Africans.   

In order to get that better way of life, they had to stand at the feet of every hanged negro, rape every black woman, call every black man a rapist, burn a cross at every home, bomb every church and drop bombs on thriving African communities.  

The poor wretched colonizers, coming from desperate, starving, filthy and violent places,  to a land that was carved out of the blood native people. They enthusiastically became settlers establishing their little house on the prairie as long as they were willing to defend it by fighting and killing native peoples who have used that prairie for centuries.

No, Joe.  The United States is not the beacon of freedom you say it is.  It is, as the Chairman says, a prison of colonized nations. 

FBI is an agency of the colonial U.S. Gov’t

So, when the FBI created this indictment against the Uhuru Movement they were attacking the ongoing struggle for African self-determination.  The African Freedom Struggle.  A movement that had set a goal to extricate ourselves from the binds of colonial domination. 

Like Harriet, Nat, Marcus, Malcolm, Nkrumah, Sankara, the Panthers, Bishop and so many other African people that had fought for freedom,  the Party has set a course and are organizing our way out. The Party and the Chairman are the Vanguard.  

What is the freedom are we talking about?  We are talking about a freedom that overturns the current social world order. A freedom that destroys the colonizer and by doing so destroys the designation of the colonized. A freedom that frees people and lands up to determine our own future without the ever-looming threat of violence that comes from the colonizer nations.  

The colonizer nations who have historically waged massive campaigns to infiltrate, subvert, kill, and destroy our struggle to protect their parasitism. Without this parasitic relationship to the colonized they would shatter when faced with adversity.  Their success is dependent on our oppression. 

Freedom means overturning the social system 

The Uhuru Movement believes African people should be free. We have rejected the status quo.  We have rejected the centuries long war against our very existence and have the audacity to tell the world that we want our freedom.   Not by cowering in the night.  By organizing a response to the colonizer in every community that we can.  Building organizations and institutions that have become the beacon of light to the African working class. 

We are doing it out in the open. In every community we can, we create Burkina Fasos  (lands of upright men and women). What we create now in times of serious crisis and oppression is  just the baseline of what we can achieve.  Imagine if we had access to all of our resources and land, the incredible things we could accomplish for ourselves.  To know that when we free Africa we  free the world.  

Obviously this is a challenge to the colonizer. This is why they constantly develop strategies to undermine our efforts.   So when they created this indictment and attributed our freedom struggle  to the Russians and not to U.S. colonial violence and the prison of nations they’ve created, they are opening up another campaign of untruths.   

Dangerous Negroes are reborn through the struggle for African Liberation 

Well, they’ve made a mistake, haven’t they?  The Uhuru Movement is prepared to put the colonial state on trial if they ever try to pursue their delusionary indictments. 

We are dialecticians.  Political Scientists.  Oppressed people with eyes, ears and brain that can figure stuff out.  All we have to do is look back at our history.  In every nook and cranny, around every corner, the presence of the colonizer is there.  Foot on neck, squeezing the life out of us.  They have targeted entire movements like the UNIA and The Panthers, Sojourners for Truth and Justice  or individuals like Claudia Jones and Paul Robeson, Ida B. Wells, MLK Jr., Assata – these were the dangerous negros. 

Well, the Uhuru Movement are the dangerous negros now.  Pushing back on every front. Moving ahead to accomplish our mission and create steeled cadre forces to bring Africa its liberation.

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