12 Apr 2021

2021 Spring/Summer ANWO Cadre Development School

The African National Women’s Organization’s Cadre Development school is a 6-week virtual program aimed at training our members, recruits and any African women interested in learning about the role of African women in the ongoing African revolution.

As a strategy of the African revolution led by the African People’s Socialist Party, ANWO addresses the special oppression faced by African women.

During this Spring/Summer Cadre School we will engage in study of  revolutionary political theory and practically learn to take steps toward revolutionary activism.

This 6-week Cadre School begins on May 29 and is designed to support you in taking steps toward revolutionary activism.

Cadre School includes but is not limited to:

  • 6 2-hour sessions with African women revolutionaries
  • Rich course content – videos, audio files, readings, practices

School subjects include but is not limited to:

  • Exploring African women’s liberation through an African centered perspective
  • Capitalism vs socialism
  • Community organizing
  • Practical real-world assignments
  • Critical thinking and critical response organizing