05 Sep 2018

Uniforms for ANWO



To: All members of the African Women’s Commission(AWC) and the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO)

From: African Women’s Commission of the African People’s Socialist Party

Date: September 4, 2018

Subject: Introducing uniform policy

Starting immediately, members of the African Women’s Commission (AWC) and the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO) will be expected to wear uniforms in the performance of their duties related to AWC and ANWO.

Why uniforms?

  1. Uniforms create a unified image for our members and organization.
  2. Uniforms are easily identifiable
  3. Uniforms convey a serious and organized group
  4. Uniforms create a professional appearance and a set standard for members that the community expect to see.
  5. Uniforms help create a sense of unity among members


When should we wear uniforms?

  1. During outreach
  2. During public actions
  3. At organizational events


Why are the colors for AWC and ANWO different?

Women who are in AWC have chosen to join the African People’s Socialist Party and adhere to a different set of organizational principles than the members of ANWO.  Being a member of AWC is a higher designation that we show with distinct colors and recognition.


Basic Uniform Details


African Women’s Commission (Red)African National Women’s Organization (Green)
Beret / Headwrap

Wear either one during community or organizational events

ANWO shirt

Should be worn for community organizing  and public actions

Get yours!

Black long or short sleeved polo

Can be worn for community organizing  and public actions.

Should be worn at organizational events.

Black cargo or tactical pants

Also acceptable:

Black jeans

Regular black pants

Alternative ex.

Alternative ex.Black boots


Black sneakers

Black shoe


Where can we purchase our uniforms?

You can purchase the pieces of your uniform from anywhere.  However we recommend the following places.













South Africa