Political Education

As an organization of the Uhuru Movement we are guided by the socialist theory of African Internationalism, which was developed by the Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party.  The theory recognizes that we are in a constant war of ideas with the ruling class and therefore our organizations must have the capacity to contend and shift the narrative in favor of African poor working class.   This is essentially the task of Info and Ed of ANWO.


The Information and Education Department is the communications hub of  our organization.  This department works with the other departments of ANWO to bring our politics to the masses of people by producing print literature and online content and by working with traditional media. Members of ANWO serving in this capacity have the responsibility of creating all promotional and agitational propaganda and creating the outward facing look and feel  of our projects on a national and local level.


Members who volunteer in this department may possess the following skills:

  • Initiative ☺️
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Social Media Knowledge
  • Writing and Editing
  • Public Relations
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing
  • Security
  • Web Design/Development


If you have a burning desire to help ANWO step our game up, choose ‘Information and Education’ as one of your interests when submitting your membership application.   After attending ANWO’s new member orientation, someone from that department will contact you to explain how you can help with this work.

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