19 Aug 2016

ANWO DC Holds Solidarity Protest Supporting Kushinda

ANWO DC members Yejide Orunmila and Antoinette Taylor and African People’s Socialist Party member Aaron O’Neal held a solidarity protest  in support of Kushinda Olanrewaju who has been protesting targeted attacks by  London Borough of Brent.

Local members in D.C. held up signs outside of the British Embassy that read #DefendAfricanWomen , Stop Britain’s Attack on Oppressed People, and Black Lives Won’t Matter Until We Get Black Power.

Drivers passing by honked their horns in support of our messages and a few stopped to get more detail about the campaign.  One N. American man on a bicycle was surprised to hear about the case because he says “England is a welfare state” implying that issues like this shouldn’t exist because of their system is supposedly set up to ensure the most vulnerable are provided services.

We were there to bust up that assumption, as England and most of Europe is often looked at as leaders in progressive policies. But lift up the covers you’ll see that African and other oppressed people are suffering the worst as Councils throughout the country make up arbitrary rules that usually leave many without access and in crisis  – just like Kushinda. ‘

We are calling on others to join Kushinda in the last few days of protest especially if you are experiencing issues that are related to state maladministration of your cases.