17 Dec 2018

ANWO Plenary 2019: The Future is Now Black Women Organizing to Win

We are convening our 2019 Plenary on March 23-24 in St. Louis, MO, to offer a hands on opportunity for sisters and other attendees to engage in practical revolutionary work focused on African women.  Different from our 2018 Convention, our 2019 Plenary will focus on training our our attendees in the organizing science of the Uhuru Movement which has built mass organizations all over the world since 1972.

ANWO is a revolutionary organization for African women with the sole interest of empowering poor and working class African women to overturn our relationship with imperialism, through practical application of African Internationalism, which explains the world and our place in it.

Although, colonialism and capitalist imperialism are realities for African people, analysis on the ways it impacts African women are absent.  This is a critically important oversight that will lead to history repeating itself. Once we understand colonialism and capitalist imperialism, will we be able to build up the trajectory of the African revolution and fill the ranks with African women.

Through interactive panel discussions, specified group organizing projects, direct organizing opportunities, and a variety of culture, at this year’s plenary; attendees will participate in and realize our capacity to  put into practice the organizing work necessary to break poor working class African women out of the grips of colonialism. Ultimately organizing the women of the class to their fullest capacity in the interest of the African revolution.

Register for the plenary at anwoplenary2019.eventbrite.com

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