20 Aug 2015

State Violence & Black Women Community Forum

On August 6, 2015, ANWO DC gathered with sisters and brothers from the community to strategize around ways that we can protect and defend agains police terrorism. This meeting was prompted by the case of Sandra Bland and the 5 other African women who died in police custody during the month of July.

Led by Yejide Orunmila, Rania Hamid and Charlye Cuff of ANWO, the panel facilitated discussion around “know your rights” strategies, focusing on different ways that people give up rights even when confronted by police. Participants engaged fully discussing strategies like the Sandra Alert emergency network, which is a simple outreach plan that one should implement if they feel their lives are in danger. Other strategies revolved around revisiting civil rights era and police intimidation training and using app technology to monitor police.

ANWO is focusing on planning more solution based forums that will benefit the community and but that specifically addresses the special needs of African women.

If you are interested in working with ANWO DC, they can be contacted at dc@anwouhuru.org

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