05 Oct 2017

The Making of an ANWO Comrade

Editor’s note: Comrade Asia decided to write this after attending  the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement’s convention, her first convention. She is based in Las Vegas Nevada and currently engaged in building a local branch of ANWO as well as organizing for our first international convention in March 2018.  As a new member she shares some important points that have helped her get started. 

This is a guide for newly admitted members! Whether you’ve attended a convention or not, this aims to  answer a new member’s, “what’s next?” questions when trying to get organized. Uhuru!

Attend Convention

Listen up!

Here’s your chance to attend workshops on outreach, political actions, etc. and get helpful tips from your comrades. Chairman Omali Yeshitela and other leadership will also have important information on how to be an African internationalist and use a materialist approach to contradictions oppressed peoples face.

Take notes!

Conventions are valuable! Jot down tips on engaging with the masses, historic facts that comrades reference, and things that you found motivational. Take action when you return to your community! Research the facts you found interesting and implement the tips with your local branch.

Find your niche!

Compare the responsibilities found in the different campaigns and organizations. Go to each table with purpose and interact with your comrades with freedom on your mind! Will your skills be used best working with an economic development committee, membership committee or any other committee?

Get Organized

Calendar/ Deadlines

Whether you prefer old school paper calendar or your phone app, start looking at your calendar. When do you have time for political education, outreach, and branch meetings? Notice where you waste your time and correct it over time. Write out deadlines for your tasks and hold yourself responsible.

Plan of Action (POA)

The only way to be as productive as our leadership is to follow their blueprint! When you think of creative campaigns, actions or resolutions for the organization, complete a detailed POA. Do the necessary research so you have a realistic scope of the work ahead of you.

Contact your leadership!

Prepare an agenda for your meeting. Try to send your meeting agenda at least 24hours ahead so that your comrade can review it and gather helpful information for you. Take note of any criticisms and suggestions your comrades have for you.

Go Organize!

Get a struggle bag!

Struggle bags include: Clipboards, pens, contact sheets, local branch flyer, the Burning Spear newspaper, organization banner, and any other propaganda. Tip: Create a POA to fundraise for your startup material

Plan ahead and track your progress

Know ahead of time where and when you want to outreach and set goals! Keep track of where and when African people frequent places the most. Identify your hot spots and stay persistent.


If there’s no local branch near you, use this process to start one. If there is a branch near you, remind yourself the importance of membership! Gather contacts according to your organization’s manual.

We are winning! We will win!

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